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Frequent disabled, having high self-esteem, do not want to be dependent, but wants to and can reach heights of various life activities (culture, sports, arts, business and public life, and so on.), So it is very important to show you a person with a disability is able to stand on legs, defeated.

Photo gallery presents a variety of activities commemorates the moments so that you understand what can be done and implement compatible with disabilities.

Angels movements


Artistic – Social interaction “Angels movements”. Playfully theatrical appears in the communities of cities and towns in environmental adaptation features and shortcomings. ,,Angels Movement” – a strong challenge to all towns communities. What should be the ways in which even

Hand-powered wheelchair marathon

wheelchair marathon

This project is carried out since 2005. Project goal – to change attitudes towards people with disabilities, reduce social exclusion. The project is original in that it includes people with severe motor disabilities, or could move only in wheelchairs who

Hiking with kayaking


LAPD canoe trips – camps “Overcome yourself” people organized since 1996. Participants live in tents, the most produced food. This method helps people to acquire or establish independent living skills, because practically everything they will need to do the same

Workshop "Bridges"


Disabled literature, music and art workshop  “Bridges” is an art – a social project with special needs, combining poetry, music and art program, and new music and poetry presentation to the public. You may see plein air created during the

Tolerance marathon

Tolerance marathon

Association of Lithuanian Disability Forum on October 3 in Vilnius, Vince Kudirka square, held a “Tolerance marathon”. The event is intended to draw public attention to the difficulties faced by people with disabilities in everyday life, to cultivate tolerance and

Camps of fostering skills of independent life

savarankiškumo ugdymas

The main aim of the project is to help people with severe disability to develop mail skills of independent, active and full life. The Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities, referring to the character of disability, organises camps of two