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Canoe trips of the disabled

Canoe trips

Canoe trips of the disabled “Overcome yourself” have been organised since 1996. In June each year people with various physical disabilities together with volunteers take trips on Lithuanian rivers and lakes. Canoe trips are organised for the disabled that have reached a particularly high level of independence or are striving towards it.

One group consists of about 25 – 30 people most of whom are the disabled. People in wheelchairs with various movement disabilities participate in such trips. Participants live in tents.

Routes are set on the most beautiful rivers and lakes that are best suited for trips of the disabled and take about 7 days. Each day participants cover about 8 – 20 km, erect tents with the help of volunteers, and cook their food on fire.

Canoe trips help the disabled to gain or to strengthen their skills of independent life, as they have to do almost everything by themselves. Many years of experience of the LZNS show that such an environment encourages exploring one’s abilities better.

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