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Project title: Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities human capacity building and material basis, using progressive techniques

Problem solved by project

Non-governmental organizations which develop their activities in Lithuania do not have a bulk of resources. Associated members of LOPD do not have enough abilities to attract grants for the activity to be carried out and developed, they have week marketing abilities, they sluggishly and bashfully create products and services which could be sold not only for local governmental institutions but physical individuals as well, there are not enough good ideas and innovations which implementation is based on potential services of purchasers number. In most of these cases, organizations lack of working professionals (most of them have 2-3 permanent employees): at the moment, there are not enough professionals who could improve human skills and organizational abilities. There are not enough resources for non-governmental institutions to prepare and qualify employees properly; non-governmental organizations are not able to buy much of learning services. Most of associated LOPD members have outdated equipment of databases and new technologies and innovations cannot be afforded. Without permanent possibility of improvement, associated members of LOPD and LOPD itself cannot effectively represent of interests of groups concerned. They also cannot provide qualified and innovated services of their own organization and of community members. And finally, they cannot influence for any governmental decisions.

The purpose of the project

The main activity purpose is to reduce social isolation of disables and to eliminate the environment obstacles, which hinder an equal participation in society’s life. Subproject aim- to improve resources and material base of LOPS and their associated members. Also: to improve the competence of employees and to prepare new professionals, to improve processes of service provision and search funds, to increase the professionalism of the activity, to install new services, to seek an independence of organization, to use informational technologies.

Project tasks:

  •  After the program of employment of people with disabilities is done, 30 consultants of recruitment have to be prepared. While working, they have to have help for other people with disabilities to integrate the society.
  • After art therapy learning is organized, there have to be 17 art therapy specialists prepared. They would work in LOPD system.
  • The competence and qualification of 24 organization members have to be raised, after the program which is dedicated for associated members of LOPD to become financially independent and teach them how to educate the enterprise.
  • To fortify the material base of LOPD by gaining essential orgware.
  • To fortify material base of associated members of LOPD by installing paperless program for service recipients and to instruct 19 specialists who will work with the database and who will use the computer-aided program.
  • To perform the publication of the project by organizing the conference for 60 people “Lithuanian organization of people with disabilities improvement of human abilities and material base by adapting progressive methodologies” and also to publish articles in the media and internet sites, to create a placard. To perform the implementation agreement of conditions evaluation for the conformity of expenditure and activities.

Objective groups

Objective groups (OG): activities are orientated to people with disabilities and specialists who work with disabled people. The general number of the objective group is 90 people with disabilities.

Main activities:

  • 5 teaching seminars for a group of 30 people with disabilities-recruitment consultants.
  • 3 seminar cycles for 17 disabled specialists of for specialists working in LOPD system.
  • The improvement of material base of LOPD.
  • Practical seminar for the education of competences for 18 associated members of LOPD and 6 executives of subsidiaries.
  • Data program for service recipients and the improvement of material base for 18 associated members of LOPD.
  • The main purpose of the publication-to introduce results and products of the project. In order to do so, the participants of the conference will distribute knowledge and experience gained throughout the project, will introduce new services of LOPD. Other publication tools used will increase a reputation of the project.
  • Subproject activities and financial audit. Notification and activities publication of the subproject will be in the process for the whole period of the subproject implementation.

Subproject achievements

30 recruitment consultants will be prepared and they will be able to help for people with disabilities to integrate into the labor market: they will teach and consult people with disabilities, potential employers and work collective. To prepare 17 art therapy specialists who would work in the system of LOPD. 24 associated members and the executives of subsidiaries will gain competences and qualification skills. The material base of LOPD and of associated members of LOPD will be improved. Computer-aided program will be installed and 19 specialists who will work with the program are going to be prepared. The program installed will ease the usage of human resources and the providing of social services of rehabilitation.