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Parking action “Baywatch campaign”

Parkavimo akcija

Parking spaces for cars of the disabled that are specially marked according to the traffic rules are usually in the most convenient places close to entrances to public buildings, shopping centres, therefore, many non-disabled drivers abuse car parking places meant for blue badge holders. Often a disabled drives a car independently and faces a parking problem, consequently the disabled is forced to park a car elsewhere. It is particularly frustrating for persons with heavily impaired mobility, i.e. who move in wheelchairs, on crutches, etc.

Parking actions (Baywatch campaign) “You have taken my place, take my disability, too” have been taking place since 2006. Actions are aimed at defending the right of the disabled to park cars in spaces that are specially marked for them. Usually the actions take place in parking lots by major shopping centres, banks, postal offices, state institutions, other institutions and organisations. Campaigns are arranged in various places of the country. Actions are performed with the assistance of the Lithuanian traffic police.

Similar actions are also performed by associated members of our organisation in regions. Much attention is paid to popularising the action via mass media (press, television, and online media).

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