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Informational campaign

Informational campaign

The Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities, referring to the experience of colleagues from Swedish organisations of the disabled, performs the informational campaign “Disability is not an obstacle”, the purpose of it is to draw attention of the public to an existence of discrimination of the disabled, to change the settled stereotypes about disability. In order to attract as many people as possible, the informational campaign is using visual and audio means.

The project “Disability is not an obstacle?” is disseminated through radio stations and the internet. Lithuanian radio stations broadcast short messages (social advertising) about issues addressed to the parking places for the disabled, inaccessible working and public environment, stereotypes held by the society about the disabled. On the internet (on websites of the LZNS and its partners) animated advertisements draw attention to typical cases of discrimination of the disabled.

The informational campaign posters are placed on outdoor billboards and public transport shelter boards in the largest cities of Lithuania.

All the information about the progress of the project is published on the website, on websites of partners, in the press and through various organisations.

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