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About the union

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The Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities (LAPD) (established 29th September, 1995) is a voluntary, independent, non-governmental organization uniting 17 associate members throughout in Lithuania, which unite about 10,000 people with various disabilities and their family members.

Each year the LAPD implements about 20 different projects aimed at disability prevention; ensuring people’s with disability independence and freedom to choose; increasing accessibility to public spaces and buildings; promoting cooperation between disability non-governmental organizations, businesses, municipalities and educational institutions; changing attitudes towards people with disabilities (as customers and even potential employees).

Our implemented activities include:

  •  Activities in the regions promoting co-operation between organizations – organization of round table discussions with municipalities, communities and businesses;
  •  Monitoring of Public environs – implemented initiative “Without a thresholds”, the aim of which is to reduce social exclusion, by drawing the attention of society, officials to inaccessible or poorly adapted public environments: – buildings, footpaths, parking areas for persons with disabilities and so on;
  •  Increasing independence of people with disabilities – independent living skills training and active recreation camps for people with spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and muscular atrophy;
  •  Public awareness campaigns – people with disabilities who have experienced serious injuries themselves conduct campaigns about prevention of common injuries and accident prevention; persons with disabilities in wheelchairs using hand-powered wheelchairs with special attachments –thrusters undertake a marathon throughout Lithuania; parking spaces for disabled campaign “took my place, take my disability”;
  •  Preventative work with youth – presentations and discussions in secondary schools focused on the films “Disability is not an obstacle” and “Become acquainted with disability”.
  •  Art and Social Interaction plenary – disabled and non-disabled artists cooperate using tools such as discussions and common creative methods to raise and delve into some of the more acute problems persons with disability face in today’s society – they explore these issues in open spaces using artistic expression, information dissemination and various forms of media to shape public attitudes and positive social change.
  •  Co-operation with the business sector – provision of consultations and trainings to businesses with the aim of increasing accessibility to services for persons with disabilities, explore opportunities to employ persons with disabilities.
  •  Vilnius Day Centre for Persons with Disabilities – the centre offers a wide range of essential social services such as physiotherapy, massage, social worker counseling, personal hygiene and laundry services, music therapy classes, computer literacy courses for persons with disabilities.

The organization pays special attention to development, improvements and new initiatives, establishing and implementing together innovative ideas and activities for the benefit of persons with disabilities, becoming socially responsible.