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Lithuanian Union of Persons with Disabilities is launching a new project of social well-being, representing the rights of the disabled. “The project is funded by the Economic Space for the period 2009-2014. financial mechanism of the NGO program in Lithuania.

Various studies and statistics show that people with disabilities still do not have equal opportunities to participate in public life. Discrimination can have a variety of forms, including both the refusal to properly adapt the conditions, so change your stereotypes.

The project addresses the problem: the general lack of knowledge about people with disabilities, some negative signs assignment other than with the majority of people; public buildings are badly adapted for the disabled, insufficient monitoring of the legislation.

The project, which aims – increase LAPD involvement in actions and processes, protecting people with disabilities and their legitimate interests, reduce disability and social exclusion of discrimination, thus spreading democratic values, and developing an open and civil society.-welfare will cover the following activities:

First Lithuanian Association to People with Disabilities (LAPD) sustainability assurance and diversification of funding sources will be organized activity – preparation of training program „Customers with disabilities servicing“. According to this methodology, public institutions and business sector representatives given paid trainings will allow LAPD to get funds for program activities. Business sector identified needs allow to expect long-term benefit receipt, thus increasing the organization’s sustainability and financial independence.

2nd In a study of public facilities (schools, hospitals) accessibility for persons with mobility impairments will aim to familiarize them with the results of the responsible authorities to take action against unsuitable premises applications. The creation of a web pageb, it will be possible to find useful information about disability-accessible sites in Lithuania and recommendations on how to adapt the quality of the physical environment

3rd Kindergarten and school-age children will be used for activities “Know disabilities: to create educational videos, lectures developed cognitive schools give young people the knowledge, skills and abilities of tolerance properly communicate and make people with disabilities.

4th The legislation relating to persons with disabilities, monitoring, to ensure the active representation, proposals and legislative changes to the responsible authorities. Impact: The project’s products and activities organized to help improve the availability of information about people with disabilities, to promote high-quality adapted physical environment, destroy society in the stereotypes associated with disabilities, foster tolerance and increase NGO involvement in the legislative process.

Project duration: 18 months
The total value of the project: 343300 in litas and 99427 euros, the organizations own contribution: 76300 in litas and 22098 euros.

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