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Project Name: Special music creation and education in regions

Project Objective: This project complies with all the cultural sponsorship fund priorities: cultural regeneration and development (create a new work of art and materials), education (co-artists, young artists and people with disabilities creative work), accessibility (performances will be held in churches) and dissemination regions (performances will take place in Lithuanian cities, methodological material distributing publications).

Project Description: Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities conducted a special follow-up program includes music: music therapy services to people with physical, mental, mental negaliom and having psychological problems LŽNS music collective,,” the creative impulse – concert activities in Lithuania and abroad, the research and presentation at international conferences, teaching materials, with practical examples (sound sculpture project), music therapy workshops diffusion regions, the academic sector.

Disabled musical collective “Impulse” activities: Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities new music collective,” Impulse has existed since 2005. Jam led by composer LŽNS day center music therapy in Specialist Snow White Dikčiūtė., 2012. New, specially designed Snowdrops Dikčiūtė music and action scores, the Water Return” is unique – it will be able to not only professionals, but the use of a special compilation methods and tools, as well as people with disabilities. contemporary music will be used to build technology, which is characterized by improvizaciškumas: aleatory, sonorika, graphic notation method of modal technique, action painting, modern dance elements, music, art and movement therapy methods in the creative process. created a new concert program will be delivered in Lithuanian churches, Bourg-en-Bresse šiuolakinės music centers, as well as tour: International Muzikfest Bad Bramstedt, Warsaw – Niurbergas – Berlin-Auburn-Strazbūro.

Scientific research, a new music application specific communications needs of individuals in the process of socialization and presentation at international conferences. This study affects several topical issues: a) the special needs of individuals, many of whom belong to a social exclusion groups, socialization, integration, cooperation musical communication (individual and group music therapy, art – social projects) and b) non-verbal language of music (improvisation) Methodology – communication and professional models, these models are applied, new music composition techniques įvardinimas.Tyrimo results will be presented at international conferences, art therapy – Ecart as well as “Music therapy in the context of contemporary culture.”

Music therapy workshop “a Tabla rasa”: symposium participants will be awarded a special therapeutic, self-knowledge creation” program. Psychological tests and tasks in support of music improvisation – instruments, sound recorders and overhead projector techniques will be developed psychosocial,, white sheet” (Tabla rasa) model. This model reflects the self, I” biological, emotional, cognitive, social awareness and acceptance. The audible result of a methodological comment is scheduled for release in the form of a CD and should become an important methodological tool for psychosocial rehabilitation (Publishing is searching for additional funding).

Project social, cultural, economic result:

  • 1 creative exchange of experiences between professional artists and creative youth and people with disabilities in order to improve the psychosocial environment
  • 4th The unique art – therapeutic outcome of delivery, and dissemination
  • 5th Impact on participants’ qualitative and quantitative research, materials presented at international conferences and seminars

Project title: Social interactions of creation and dissemination of plein-air regions

Project Objective: persons with and without co-operation on the basis of artists, interdisciplinary discussions and arts co-production tools – the sharpest people with disabilities to find out the problems they face in society – to discover these problems an expression of art in open spaces in the form and manner by means of information-media in shaping public attitudes and positive socio – cultural change.

Project Description: Based on the concept of culture (Latin for education, training, development, worship), on the understanding that the sounds of music, the effect is not merely a subjective experience, but also a social phenomenon, culture, communication, component, given the participants’ personal experiences, feelings scale, participants will combine neverbaliniam dialogue – different art media tools to create music and action painting spectacle, get a new, unique artwork quality and value. Will conduct the music, art and movement educational activities – identification performance, happenings, actions, sound object concepts (theory and practice).

Experienced artists and young artists’ creative co-operation between the acquisition of a new composition of different art media, creative and therapeutic experience things, promote personal growth and creative education. Disability and professional young artists collective artistic product presentation to the public to promote mutual integration of the disabled person will change the public image and show his ability to create, participate in professional artistic activities. Promote tolerance, self-esteem and self-confidence growth in the group of participants in the integration of cultural life. Result of the project – as well as interactive performances scheduled show in Klaipeda, Siauliai, Zarasai, Kaunas, Veliuona, Punjab, Kupiškis, Ukmergė Vilkaviškis, Vilnius. Palanga and holy.

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