Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities

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Key projects

Each year the LAPD implements about 20 different projects aimed at disability prevention; ensuring people’s with disability independence and freedom to choose; increasing accessibility to public spaces and buildings; promoting cooperation between disability non-governmental organizations, businesses, municipalities and educational institutions; changing attitudes towards people with disabilities (as customers and even potential employees).

The organization pays particular attention to development and initiative in developing and acting together in the implementation of innovative ideas and good jobs for people with disabilities, becoming socially responsible.

Norden project


Project title: EVERYONE CAN START-UP Project Partners: Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities – Lead Partner Latvian Association of People with Disabilities APEIRONS The Estonian Union Of Persons With Mobility Impairment The Nordic Academy for Social Entrepreneurship NASE, Sweden  Project

Grundtvig Learning Partnerships


Project title: „Universal Design – Barrier Free Environments“ Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme: Grundtvig Learning Partnerships Project Partners: Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities, Lithuania (Lead Partner) The League of Rheumatology Affected Patients and Persons with Disabilities of the Tarragona Region

Lithuania-Swiss Confederation Cooperation Programme

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Project title: Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities human capacity building and material basis, using progressive techniques Problem solved by project Non-governmental organizations which develop their activities in Lithuania do not have a bulk of resources. Associated members of LOPD

EEA Grants


Lithuanian Union of Persons with Disabilities is launching a new project of social well-being, representing the rights of the disabled. “The project is funded by the Economic Space for the period 2009-2014. financial mechanism of the NGO program in Lithuania.

Green routes without obstacles


To increase availability of nature tourism for disabled people in bordering regions by adapting of infrastructure and educating tourists service providers. Action is aimed at solving the following cross-border problems – a lack of nature tourism infrastructure for people with

Culture Fund supports projects

Kultūros projektai

Project Name: Special music creation and education in regions Project Objective: This project complies with all the cultural sponsorship fund priorities: cultural regeneration and development (create a new work of art and materials), education (co-artists, young artists and people with