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Young film-makers 2010

savaitgalis dviems

August 2010, August 12-19 February. was held in the first film camp. 8 young people with disabilities, 7 Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy students and 5 Skalvija Academy students one week co-wrote scripts, acted, filmed, improvised and montage work.

All were broken down by genre in 4 creative teams: animation, experimental, documentary and feature films. The creative process of filming and film play helped Arthur Walkowiak with the team.

About camp

“Mothers are mothers. Children who are children “

The group of filmmakers came to the sea taking place for mothers with disabilities and their children. The film is a reflection of the mood and atmosphere in which the team worked, worked and lived in the project.


A film about a guy who loves life the way it is.


Social Experiment Kobo Abes of motives, tells the story of a man – box and his attempts to connect with the world around him.

“Weekend for Two”

The guy with the girl coming weekend at the seaside, everything would be ideal, but both the guy and girl this weekend looks very different …

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