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Lithuanian Union of Persons with Disabilities to be useful for people with disabilities and their families by a variety of project activity. We think we have the most efficient way to represent your rights and provide a range of services, training, studies and other means to educate the public about disability.

Universal environment as a guarantee of quality life

Most of the disabled, especially the youth are mostly interested in the ability to live independently in the community. But without the accessible environment, the disabled and elderly people cannot be independent and self-sufficient, equal opportunities to participate in public

Canoe trips of the disabled

Canoe trips

Canoe trips of the disabled “Overcome yourself” have been organised since 1996. In June each year people with various physical disabilities together with volunteers take trips on Lithuanian rivers and lakes. Canoe trips are organised for the disabled that have

Parking action "Baywatch campaign"

Automobilių statymo kortelė

Parking spaces for cars of the disabled that are specially marked according to the traffic rules are usually in the most convenient places close to entrances to public buildings, shopping centres, therefore, many non-disabled drivers abuse car parking places meant

Informational campaign

Informational campaign

The Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities, referring to the experience of colleagues from Swedish organisations of the disabled, performs the informational campaign “Disability is not an obstacle”, the purpose of it is to draw attention of the public to

“Learn about a disability”

Pažink negalią

Surveys reveal that the society is often led by prejudices and stereotypes about the disabled.  The project “Learn about a disability” educates the society, especially the youth about a disability. It aims to introduce school age children and the youth

Distance education

Distance education

According to the information of the Department of Statistics to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, only about 22 percent of people with a severe disability have secondary education. The inaccessible physical environment restricts opportunities of the disabled to