Puckoriai outcrop

pučkorių atodanga

In the city of Vilnius near the road Vilnius–Naujoji Vilnia at Puckoriai locality the outcrop in Lithuania (approximately 63 m of height and 260 m long) of Quaternary (Pleistocene) rocks opens in the valley of Vilnia River, the left tributary of Neris River. This outcrop is located in the Pavilniai Regional Park and is proclaimed as a geological monument. Here an imposing escarpment and sight of the Vilnia River winding attract visitors during all seasons of year.

Puckoriai outcrop – it is a fragmental section where an interior structure of hill chain formed of push and press terminal moraines can be observed. Such the hills, evidently, were pushed by glacier of the Medininkai (Saalian) glaciation along its edge. Nurturing and maintaining the natural features of the landscape, keeping to the natural elevation and soil composition structures and vegetation diversity, a outcrop renewal and reinforcement works. Another important aspect of the work – a spatial adjustment high volume of traffic. Assembled regulating traffic on the terrace, stairs, ramps, equipped with lots of shades.

In particular, a new and valuable it is to create conditions for the people attending the cognitive object. Parking space they designed the place for people with mobility disabilities equipped with serpentine configuration ramp toward the top of the escarpment, planned route and convenient movement of people through the woods.

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