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Green routes without obstacles


To increase availability of nature tourism for disabled people in bordering regions by adapting of infrastructure and educating tourists service providers.

Action is aimed at solving the following cross-border problems – a lack of nature tourism infrastructure for people with disabilities as well as a lack knowledge how to develop it and how to welcome people with disabilities in general.

Action implementation foresees the following results: increased number of places available for people with disabilities and their visibility provided, increased sources and means of information about nature tourists offer for disable people in bordering regions, increased knowledge and skills of the tourists service providers to welcome disable people to target regions. The following groups of activities are foreseen in order to reach the results: development and adapting of infrastructure for people with disabilities, developing Green route in target regions, working out recommendations for environment availability for adapting of infrastructure for people with disabilities, testing of created products and visibility campaign.

For action implementation there is a following partnership formed: Nature Conservation Agency as a applicant (LV), Dagda County Council (LV), Dagda Fraternity of disabled people “Nema” (LV), Directorate of Grazute Regional park (LT), Lithuanian Association of people with disabilities (LT), State nature protection establishment “Eko-rosy” (BY).

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