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National People with Disabilities Social Inclusion Program

Social Inclusion Program 2012

As part of the activities there will be talks and discussions relating to philosophical aspects of independent living, motivation, myths regarding disability, practical presentations on how to deal with pressure sores, bed sores, prevention of contractures, abnormalities of the bowel and urinary tract and their management, personal hygiene and sexuality.

Independent Living Skills Day Camp for Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy. A five day camp for 15 people: -12 people with disabilities, two volunteers and one specialist who will coordinate the activities is planned to take place in Vilnius. The participants will be divided into two working groups according to the severity of their disability. The program involves 6 hours of planned activities including: – daily exercises (occupational therapy, physical therapy), psychological – emotional activities (to stimulate positive emotions and to provide participants with the opportunity to talk about their concerns), self-expression through art (drawing, modeling, verbal expression and so on), and independent living skills (such as how to independently dress, eat, wash, use the toilet, etc.).

A special program “Self-awareness through creativity“ will also be developed for the participants. Through the use of psychological tests and activities, as well as through music and various creative (improvisation) tools, instruments and sound recording techniques an archetypal tree of life will be developed. This model will reflect the individual “I” – biological, emotional, cognitive, social awareness and acceptance. In addition, professionals (psychologist and physical therapist) will work with the participants on an individual basis.

Arts and Social Interaction Creative Plenary “Young Creators”. The Arts and Social Interaction Creative Plenary “Young Creators” is an arts and social project for persons with special needs, which combines poetry, music, theater and creative interactions in open spaces into a program, together with the presentation of new works to the wider community. During the course of which it will be sought through the cooperation of abled and disabled artists using discussions and creative tools to determine what are the most significant challenges that persons with disability face in society today. To discover the artistic expression of these problems in the form of open spaces and so, using various information and media tools try to shape public attitudes and introduce positive social change. Project partners – the Lithuanian Union of Composers and the Lithuanian Union of Writers.

Symposium participants, with the assistance of professional artists will create new poetry, music, open spaces theater interactions, will learn new forms and techniques for creating literature, poetry, music, theater in open spaces, have the opportunity to become acquainted with modern, creative ideas and professional skills, participate in creative discussions, present their work to the public. New poetry, literature, music and theatrical interactions together with persons with disability will be presented by professional actors and musicians.

The results of the plenary sessions will be presented at the Klaipeda Sea Festival and the International Theatre Festival “Mosaics” to be held in Vilnius in September. This is a great opportunity to show the talents of persons with disability, their abilities to develop skills and participate in professional artistic activities, contribute to forming positive social attitudes and being agents of social change.

Gėlių and Sodų (Flower and Garden) Street Festival. This project is a social, community and cultural project the aim of which is to promote community initiatives, through the organization of the Gėlių and Sodų Street Festival, in the city of Vilnius. This cultural festival brings together people living, working or otherwise associated with these streets, individuals and institutions, organizations, local community groups. The Lithuanian Association of Persons with Disabilities, which has its offices in Gėlių Street believes that it is very important to maintain good neighborly relations, to initiate and carry out various community-based projects and to address local issues. The project Gėlių and Sodų (Flower and Garden) Street Festival will help to develop cooperation and good channels of communication with neighbors – residents and institutions working in both streets.

The event is planned for the 20th September. A concert with various disabled performers is planned and from early morning participants will be invited to join in the activities. Creatively utilizing the existing spaces in Gėlių St 7, a stylized inclusive event “Flowers Grow in the Garden” will form the main accent of the festival; performances by disabled performers (singers, dancers) and various professional artists/performers will make up the program. A festival information point will operate on the corner of Gėlių and Sodų Streets. The main activities will be organized in the courtyards of houses 5, 7, 9 which are linked together. A flea market and fete of wares made by persons with disabilities will be set up in the courtyard. Within the territory of the kindergarten and afternoon will be organized for parents, including a drawing competition and song contest – concert.

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