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National People with Disabilities Social Inclusion Program

Social Inclusion Program 2012

The “Disability is not an Obstacle” program will be shown in three major Lithuanian cities: Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda; it is expected to include 15 schools.

Advanced Skills Training for LAPD Staff. In an ever changing political, economic, social, technological and cultural climate it is essential to keep up with the latest advances and information. People working in NGOs require a wide range of skills in order to professionally and effectively provide services, administer and implement project activities, communicate with various people – clients, partners, governmental officials and other.

Over the past decade, the environment in which NGOs operate has essentially changed. Staff education and training is an absolute necessity, as the results and impact of the organization’s activities is based on the personal values and professional knowledge of the people working in the organization. NGO workers must be adequately trained to work in the state and its citizens that the modern state could more effectively fulfill their functions.

There is worldwide compliance with the notion that the professional knowledge acquired through academic studies (higher education) is not given once and forever. Therefore, we must implement the principle of lifelong learning, as well as facilitate the development of a dynamic knowledge-based society, as it is essential to keep up and move forward with the latest innovations.

It is planned through a series of 4 one-day seminars to advance the current skills and qualifications of 9 LAPD professionals.

Advanced Skills Training for LAPD Associate Members and Company Executives.  It is planned to provide advanced training to raise 15 LAPD associate member organization and public company staff – business managers, accountants, project managers, employment specialists. Two training seminars are planned relating to “Entrepreneurial Skills Development” with the aim of providing basic business knowledge, specific business management skills beginning with the development of a business idea, services, products (including marketing, public relations and so on), as well as human resource management.

The seminars will focus on promoting the entrepreneurial skills of organizations, identifying potential services and products, exploring new funding opportunities for the NGOS, financial sustainability, marketing and how to implement innovative ideas into the current activities of the organization.

Seminars for Recreational Specialists, Arts and Cultural Events Organizers and Professionals, as well as Social Workers Working with Persons with Disabilities Each year the LAPD organizes a seminar relating to “Art Therapy in Social Work” which is implemented by highly qualified professionals. During the 2010 seminar a study of the need for art therapy, recreational activities including training needs was undertaken. Based on the results of this study it is planned in 2012 to organize two regional workshops.

The first seminar will be in Vilnius – „The Role of Art Therapy in Social Work“, and the second seminar in the Klaipeda region – „Organization and Implementation of Cultural Events – Opportunities for Integration“. The seminars are one-day seminars (up to 6 hours) and will introduce recreation specialists, arts and cultural events organizers and specialists working with persons with disability to various art therapy techniques that they can incorporate into their activities.

Particular attention will be given to working with children with disability, project writing for cultural projects and their management, designing cultural events that impact on the quality of life of people with disabilities. The aim – drawing on the various disciplines of art therapy to introduce participants to new techniques, as well as the latest achievements and advances in art therapy, to inspire creative thinking and innovative ideas in social work, as well as to identify opportunities to attract additional funds from the Cultural Fund.

Independent Living Skills Day Camp for People with Spinal Cord and/or Brain Injuries. In  five-day camp for 15 people (11 people with disabilities, two volunteers and two specialists) is planned. Participants will be selected from persons with disabilities who have recently used medical services and who have been assigned independent living skills training. Initially volunteers will be trained to work with the participants – how to interact with persons with disability, introduced to what types of assistance may be needed and how to provide it. Each day a program of 6 hours of activities will be developed which will include the development of independent living skills – how to manage a manually powered wheelchair, how through the assistance of weights and exercise to strengthen one’s arms, chest and shoulder muscles, train your body to better maintain balance, physical therapy sessions will also be organized. It is essential that people with spinal cord injuries receive psychological support, communication skills, a range of life skills and tools to increase their motivation.

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